Washer / Dryer Repair

Two home appliances we take for granted which we simply can’t live without are our washing machine and dryer. When they occur washing machine and dryer problems are frustrating and can throw your whole day-to-day life off balance.

Luckily, if you’re a resident of Leavenworth, KS, then Edward’s Appliance Repair is on hand to help. We’re the best repair service in town and can guarantee same-day repairs to help get your home life back on track ASAP. We are transparent in our service, and will never surprise you with hidden fees. We take pride in all the work we undertake, and will never leave you unsatisfied.

Why Has my Washing Machine or Dryer Broken Down?
There are many reasons why your machines can break down, and typically multiple parts are to blame. Our expert technicians can make a diagnosis quickly, and will usually be able to undertake repairs on the same day.

Common Issues with Both Machines

Regarding washing machines, the following issues are common:

The Washing Machine Doesn’t Turn
The most common cause of this issue is either a tripped or off-balance switch. This can usually be solved by redistributing the clothes inside the washer or lightening the overall load. If the issue continues then it is probably the timer circuitry, which our technician will help you repair.

The Washing Machine Spins Poorly
A washing machine that struggles to spin is usually the result of a faulty plunger lid or the lid switch. It can also be called by a burnt-out solenoid, poor timer contact, wiring damage, or a damaged drive belt.

The Washing Machine Vibrates Excessively
A washing machine that vibrates too much is most commonly caused by an uneven floor. It can also be caused by wear to the snubber pads or the damper pads.

Loose hoses, too much soap, and clogs in the drainpipe can all cause leaks to happen. They can also be caused by drippy tubing, water injection hoses, and tubs.

Low Water Drainage
Water left in the drum after a cycle is caused by a faulty pump, clogs of the drain hose, or wear to the drive belt. If this is left undealt with, more costly problems can arise.

Stains Left on Clothing
Stains left behind on clothing are often caused by oil from transmission failure.

Soap Left in Clothes
Soap left behind on your clothes is most often caused by a clogged water valve or faulty timer contact.

Regarding dryers, the following issues are common:

The Dryer isn’t Hot
If your dryer struggles to reach the correct temperature, then it is likely either the sensors, the heating element, thermostat, or the ignitor assembly are to blame. These parts can naturally burn out over time, and will usually need replacing to fix.

The Dryer Won’t Spin
If the tension of the drive belt is loose or damaged, then your machine will struggle to spin. The only way to fix this issue is to seek a part replacement. Alternatively, if the belt is changed and the issue continues. Then the drum roller axle is the likely cause.

The Dryer Doesn’t Turn On
The thermal fuse is the most likely culprit for a machine that doesn’t turn on. This can be fixed by swapping out the fuse. If the fuse is fine, then the door or start switches have failed and will need servicing.

Considering Replacement
Washing machines and dryers usually last no longer than 15 years, with many developing multiple faults at around 10 years. When your machine becomes old, it is usually better to replace it instead of repairing it. We will be happy to help you find your next washing machine or dryer.