Refrigerator Repair

Fridges are essential to every home in the USA. A broken fridge can be very inconvenient and can result in costly food wastage. Luckily, however, Edward’s Appliance Repair of Leavenworth, KS, is on hand to help. We’re committed to restoring your fridge to working order, and our repairs are always of great quality and are long-lasting too.


Our team of technicians is trained to repair all major fridge brands and models, meaning that no matter your appliance, a quality repair service is close at hand.


Signs your Fridge Needs Immediate Fixing
A major sign that your fridge needs TLC are leaks. Water pooling inside of the fridge or on the floor below it can be a clear indicator of a major issue.


If your fridge is making a strange sound such as humming, whirring, clicking, or whining, then it’s clear you have a problem. If these sounds get worse or change in nature then you must call in professionals to prevent your machine from breaking down entirely.


Subtle Signs your Fridge Needs Fixing
Sometimes your fridge will only give you subtle signs that it isn’t working at peak levels. If you suspect an issue, monitor your fridge closely, to ensure that should they develop you can spot them and respond quickly to them.


One of the most common subtle signs is food that expires faster than normal. If you find yourself discarding dairy, meat, or produce more quickly than normal, then there is likely an issue with temperature control that needs investigating.

For your safety, and to reduce the risk of problems such as food poisoning, you should have this issue professionally investigated. This will also save you money from food wastage.

Why Fridge Maintenance is Important
Fridges are essential to our day-to-day lives ensuring our food remains fresh and safe to eat. It is essential therefore that you keep your fridge in working order, to prevent dangers from food poisoning and reduce food waste.

Regular checks and servicing will ensure your fridge remains sanitary, safe, and odor-free. The attentive service that we offer will help guarantee that your fridge remains in working order for years to come.

Call Edward’s Appliance Repair of Leavenworth, KS
Even with the very best care, as your fridge ages, it will naturally develop faults. If your fridge is on the fritz you shouldn’t delay contacting us, as we can guarantee quality repairs and maintenance services that are quick and affordable.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our rates are fair and competitive. Therefore, if you discover an issue with your appliance, call us ASAP.