Ice Maker Repair

In the height of summer, the last thing any homeowner wants to discover is that the ice maker is on the fritz. This can be an uncomfortable inconvenience, and you’ll likely want to get the issue fixed quickly.

Luckily, one call to Edward’s Appliance Repair will be enough to ensure a same-day repair from an experienced technician, meaning your inconvenience is short-lived, and you can get back to enjoying the summer months. We are upfront with our diagnosis and the costs entailed, and won’t sting you with any hidden costs.

Our technicians’ training is always up to date, meaning we can service even the most recent innovations, and we have years of experience servicing old favorites too.

Why is my Ice Maker Broken?
Your ice maker is packed with many components that can cause problems. This means a diagnosis can be complex, which is why an expert technician is needed.

No matter what you think the issue might be, it is important not to try to make DIY repairs, as you’ll probably end up causing more damage, and could even end up hurt! After all, 17% of electrocutions in the USA over the last decades took place in the home!

Common Problems and Repairing them

Ice Maker doesn’t Work
If the control arm develops faults then it will stop your ice maker from working. Before you get into contact with us, however, double-check that the pause feature isn’t running. If this is the case, just turn the pause button off and your problem will be solved. If the issue isn’t fixed this way, then contact us, as it is probably an issue with your waterline, filter, or the inlet valve.

The Ice Maker Works, but no Ice is Produced
If the ice maker is switched on but no ice is being made, then it is likely the waterline has become clogged with frost. If you can’t fix this issue yourself or you notice changes in the water, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

If the ice maker is built-in to your fridge then it will most likely leak water inside the refrigerator. If it is a stand-alone unit, then water will be leaking onto the floor. To fix this, make sure the fridge or the unit is completely level. If you’ve done this and the issue is continuing, then call us right away.

It is important not to ignore this problem, because it will likely get worse, and can damage your home.

Considering Replacement
Ice makers typically have a very short life, only lasting around 5 years. Past this period, break downs will become more likely, and the unit will start to underperform.

To ensure your home isn’t left without ice, call Edward’s Appliance Repair of Leavenworth, KS.